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The 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting, on Monday, May 15th – 21st. The event take place at Bogor Agricultural University, Gunung Walat Educational Forest, Bogor Botanical Garden, Global Landscape Forum (GLF) and Sindang Barang Cultural Village. Opening from Gentra Kaheman IPB and reports from Project Officer, Tomi Ardiansyah. On Going Remarks from Regional Representative of IFSA Asia-Pacific, Veronica Leung and Jan Joseph Viola Dida. Remarks from Vice Dean for Academic and Students Affair, Dr. Ir. Lailan Syaufina, M Sc. Keynote speaker is Dr. Ir. Agus Justianto,M.Sc.

Foto by : Crew of The 4th Asia-Pasific Regional Meeting
Opening of The 4th Asia-Pasific Regional Meeting (Foto by : Crew of The 4th Asia-Pasific Regional Meeting)

Indonesia, blessed with tropical forests, who has historical value in traditional and local wisdom with rich biodiversity. It affect our food, biodiversity, human’s health, and most importantly our economy, society, and ecosystem. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) should be realized and this should be an interaction between SDG and forestry. Goals that reaching the goals in SDGs are Eradicating poverty, Zero hunger by providing foods, Good health and well-being, Equal rights for gender, Clean water and sanitation. The event take a two session of talk show.

First session belong to Prof. Dr. Ir. Dudung Darusman, MA and Prof.Dr.Ir.Fauzi Febrianto, MS speakers. It’s discuss about Developing Forestry Based Industry by Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) Utilization. NTFP is all biological object include services that came from forest or forest stand, except wood products. Utilization of NTFP advantages are Higher value and capacity of forest reources to fulfill human needs and interests, better sustainability of the forest  resource by lowering pressuresto TFP. NTFP like rattan, bamboo, ornamental plants, fruits, essential oils, forester’s duty and responsibility. Beside that, the important role is to combusting the forest, you must understand about microeconomics. Some important NTFP is such as Oleoresin from pine, Kopal from Agathis spp. Dragon’s blood from some species of rattan, Agar wood or Gaharu, Shellac from Kesambi Tree, Benyamin Gum or Kemenyan, Jelutung, essential oil from trees, Rattan, and Bamboo.

Second session belong to Dr. Ir. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat M Sc F Trop and Petrus Gunarso, PhD. The session discuss about Repositioning Community Forest: Transformation from concepts into practices and Sustainable Forestry Company. Social forestry can be community forest and community empowerment. Community forestry can be located in state forestland area (Community forest, community forest plantation, and Village forest), or in private land (Private forest). Not only poverty eradication, it’s one choice for forest management.  Consistency of policies, promoting multi products of community forest, strengthening institutional capacities, and providing more land allocation for community forest is best policy recommendation.  Sustainable Management Forest Policy is zero deforestation, peatlands protection, continue existing planting, and protect conservation. There is company that concern on pulp and paper to the world in Indonesia. The company is APRIL that located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Pelalawan Regency, Riau. APRIL is planting the trees and harvesting it. APRIL has a  1 : 1 commitment that 1 for production and 1 for conservation. This company have Sustainable Management Forest (SMFP) described as a power of APRIL and Restorasi  Ekosistem Riau (RER) that assessment of ecological and biodiversity component. APRIL can explains where the land for production and for conservation. APRIL holds a program that called about Fire Free Prevention that work with community to prevent the fire. Last, APRIL and other company holds a collaborative programme that called Fire-Free Aliance to show their commitment in combating forest fire and haze in the future.

Contributors : Crew of The 4th Asia-Pasific Regional Meeting
Ed : Ratna PH

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