Enjoy at KORPUS Painting Day!!

Sis Achi, a Landscape Architecture student,
Surprised seeing kids attended (Foto : Nara).

Time showing 02.30 am… yes, I set my alarm at that time to pray tahajjud and sahoor. Looking at my cellphone to stop the alarm, there was a message. Wow who did messaged me during my 2 hours sleep. Wow it was from Korpus. and wow Painting Day… and then at around 4 am I finally checked that message carefully. Shocked because the event would be on 7 AM. KIDDING ME.
With hesitation, because I didn’t have accompany to the secretary and I expected it would be crowded. Because it invited all generations. Only by the message on the phone though. Because when I arrived, only Asad was there.
“Senior is buying painting equipment,” he said, convincing me that he wasn’t alone.
“And any other people?”
“Only me had arrived.”
Okay then we waited. Not for long, Fardhin and Nia arrived. Several minutes later Fuad arrived. All expected they were late. So the five of us waited, trying not to be bored by reading old articles. Being so kepo and not caring if the seniors would nag at us ruining secretary.
After idk how long, one of the seniors arrived. Sis Achi, a Landscape Architecture student. Also surprised seeing only 5 kids attended.
Then Finally our host, masjawaa. Bringing new painting equipments with him.
Because time said around 8 am. We decided that no one would come again. So we discussed and decided to went off to draw somewhere and find inspirations
Time showing around 10 am. We slowed our drawings and start to see how’s everyone doing.
Everyone did great.
Especially our seniors.
And our cartoonist, Fuad.
Want to see their results? Go ask them straight!. I hoped more people to come but it was fun. And refreshing! Honestly I actually have so many things to do, like Sociology task and Math quiz.
But I felt refreshed.
Thanks #Korpus !! I hope event like this would be repeated again! And with more people! ***
Nahdah ‘Nara’ Sholihah – Reporter Magang
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